Planning A Big Conference? 3 Small Details That Can Make A Huge Impact

Are you planning a conference? While you are planning for famous speakers to talk at your event or lining up big workshops, you need to remember to take care of a few smaller details that can make a big difference at your event. Here are some things you should consider doing:

Allow Enough Time for Networking

Conferences can be chock-full of information for your attendees. However, many of them often show up to network with others in their industry. If you cram the entire conference with information sessions, you are taking away that networking opportunity. When you are planning your conference, you need to make sure you schedule some time for your attendees to get together. Come up with some activities they can do in small group workshops, or provide some sections of time to let everyone walk around the hotel conference rooms and exchange information.

Utilize Badges More Effectively

Anyone who has ever attended a conference is familiar with the badges that are provided to the attendees. Badges usually include the names of the attendees and the name of the conference. These are primarily used for identification, but they are also used to ensure only paid attendees get into your meetings.

Since many of the people at your event are not only there to glean information but also network with others, you may want to include some extra information not commonly seen on badges. You may have people come to the event who only know each other by their social media handles or through their website. When registration is open, provide the attendees the opportunity for them to add this information to their badges. It can be a great marketing tool.

Make Sure to Have Enough Power Sources Available

Another common oversight at conference is the lack of enough power sources available to your attendees. Nearly everyone who attends conferences has, at the very least, a smartphone that will need charging periodically. Laptops and tablets are used by the majority of people at the conference, and yet there are often only a handful of power outlets available. Conferences are very informative and full of busy sessions, so no one has the time to sit around waiting for a power outlet to become available to charge their equipment. As a conference planner, one of you priorities should be to make sure there are enough power outlets. You can rent charging stations to place throughout the facility so that there will be ample opportunity to power up.

Planning a conference is a big job, and it can be really easy to overlook these simple details. Be sure to think of the small things that will make such a huge difference to your attendees and set your event apart from the rest.