Your Best Vacation Could Just Be Off The Beaten Path

Going on vacation is a wonderful way to break free from the stresses and hassles of everyday life. It's a time to unwind and relax or a time to crank up the adrenaline meter and have yourself an adventure. No matter which type of vacationer you are, you want to get the most out of your time and your hard-earned dollars, but you also want to learn and expand your mind. To truly experience everything a vacation destination has to offer, you need to visit more than just the popular tourist sites. You need to get off the beaten path and really delve into the people and unique culture around you. Here are some ideas for visiting sites that may not be on everyone's itinerary.

Do Your Homework

With the availability of information on the Internet these days, it's easier to find interesting places to visit. Look for review sites that offer candid and unbiased opinions from other travelers. These sites will give you a more accurate picture of what to expect.

Another type of site to refer to is one that caters to an area of interest you enjoy. For example, if you and your family are avid golfers, a golf website for the area you're visiting may have listings of courses that are more unique or a little out of the way. This theory works no matter if your idea of fun is whitewater rafting or exploring museums.

Don't Plan Every Minute

Once you've done your research, the tendency is to over-plan your days. While it's good to have some plans in place, over-planning doesn't leave room for spontaneity. Some of the best side trips are ones you never saw coming. A random sign for a street fair might derail a trip to one attraction, but could lead to the best memories of the entire trip. Keep your mind and schedule open enough so that you don't miss out on unexpected attractions. If you treat detours as fun and exciting, this will help foster a sense of adventure in your kids as well.

Talk To The Locals

No one knows an area better than the people who live there. They know the best places to eat, shop, and have fun that might not be on the tourist maps. Strike up a friendly conversation and ask for some recommendations. You'll find most people are more than willing to brag about their hometown to out of towners.

While there's nothing wrong with visiting the popular tourist attractions, there's a lot to be said for small, out of the way sights that can make your vacation truly memorable. So do some research, keep an open mind, ask for advice and have a great time. Talk to a company like Island Air Service to learn more about finding new ways to enjoy your vacation.