5 Tips For Hosting A Music Festival On A Budget

Whether you are looking to throw together a fun event for people in your local community, or if you would like to host a much larger music festival for the masses, you could be worried about the budgeting concerns that can go along with this type of event planning. Although it's true that hosting a music festival can be pricey,  there are ways that you can cut costs while still ensuring that a good time is had by all. Follow these tips, and you are sure to plan your music festival without spending nearly as much as you think.

1. Look for Free or Cheap Venue Spaces

Don't assume that you have to rent a big stadium or a popular music venue to have a successful music festival. Instead, consider talking to local farmers and other individuals who have large plots of land. As long as you have a huge, open space, you should be able to set up a venue, and many people will allow you to use these spaces for free or very cheap if you promise to handle all of the cleanup.

2. Rent Your Equipment

If you are planning on turning your music festival into a yearly event, you might be thinking about purchasing stage equipment that you can use later. However, lights, sound equipment, stage-building equipment and more can all be very expensive. For your first year, consider renting this equipment from an entertainment services company. Then, you can cut costs and hold on to more money for other aspects of your music festival, and you can worry about investing in equipment later on, when you have a little more to spend.

3. Gather Sponsors

It's always a good idea to gather up sponsors to help you pay for your music festival. Local music teachers, music equipment suppliers, hotel chains and more might all be willing to chip in toward your festival in exchange for advertising.

4. Rent Out Vendor Booths

One excellent idea is to rent out booth space to vendors who want to sell their wares at your festival. For example, they might want to sell T-shirts, musical equipment, drinks, food, art and more. Not only will this add to the venue for your attendees, but it can provide you with much-needed cash to fund your festival.

5. Look for Free Musical Acts

One great way to save money on your music festival is to look for free musical acts. Put an ad out there, or visit local shows to learn more about local bands. Many local bands will be willing to provide entertainment for free in exchange for getting their name out there.

As you can see, hosting a music festival does not have to be as costly as you think. If you follow these five tips, you can save quite a bit of money while planning a great event for the people in your community.