Planning A Hotel Stay? Heed These Etiquette Tips!

Staying in a hotel can be an enjoyable experience, especially if you're planning on staying in a nice hotel that has a lot of desirable amenities, such as a pool or spa. Before you check in at your hotel, however, there are some commonly overlooked etiquette tips that you'll want to remind yourself of to ensure the best possible experience.

Don't Wait to Tip Your Maid

Unless you put a "do not disturb" sign on your door, your housekeeper will likely stop by once a day to make your bed, change your linens, and tidy up the room. And while you're not obligated to tip your maids, it's generally expected that you should. One mistake that many hotel guests make, however, is waiting until the last day of a stay to leave a tip. When you do that, you only tip the last maid to have serviced your room, and there's a good chance that the other maids who tidied up your room on previous days will never see the money. Instead, consider leaving a small tip for each maid every day of your stay.

Report Problems Right Away

When you arrive at your hotel room and notice that something is broken or amiss, be sure to (kindly) let the hotel staff know about this right away. Waiting until you go to check out of your room to complain about it isn't fair to your hotel staff, who will go out of their way to resolve problems when they're brought to their attention. Furthermore, if you wait to report the problem or don't report it at all, the hotel staff may assume that you were the one who caused it.

Be Mindful of Common Areas

Finally, be respectful of common areas at your hotel. Even if "quiet hours" aren't posted, you should try and keep the noise down when you're in hotel hallways during nighttime hours. If you've ever been in a hotel hallway before, you probably have realized just how much sound can echo in these long and narrow spaces. And of course, when using common areas like pools and fitness rooms, be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations so that everybody can enjoy the space safely and comfortably. By following these hotel etiquette tips, you can have a more enjoyable stay and be considered a thoughtful and polite guest welcome to stay again in the future.