The Secret To Enjoying Your Visit To The Statue Of Liberty

When getting advice on what to see and do on your next big trip to NYC, it's surprising how many people will give you a "nah" for their vote for the Statue of Liberty. People cite long lines and adverse weather conditions as a reason to avoid this mostly outdoors day-trip. Why the need to get up close to something you can see from the mainland? However, the reviews online for the Statue of Liberty rate the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you shouldn't miss out on. So what's the trick to really enjoying your trip to Liberty Island, despite the heat, rain, or crowds? You need to understand what you're looking at. 

Research the Historical Context

Before your visit to Liberty Island, make sure you understand what was happening between France and the US in 1875, when the statue was first constructed. Understanding the historical context of the memorial will help you understand it's significance and what it meant for the United States to receive this gift from France. 

Research the Construction 

The design of the Statue of Liberty by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the original construction, the transport across the ocean, and the reconstruction of the Statue of Liberty without the advanced technology we enjoy today are all incredible stories that will enhance your appreciation of Liberty Island. Understanding the work required for such a statue to stand today will make your trip more worth while. 

Research the Symbolism

Learning about Lady Liberty herself will also make your visit more enjoyable. What is the significance of the torch held in her right hand and why the tablet? 

Make Sure You Know the Best Times to Visit 

Long times and bad weather can deter a lot of people from making the trip out to the island. Planning ahead of time can make the experience more enjoyable. Find out when the lines are shortest and when the weather is best. Tickets to ascend to the crown at the top of the statue sell out months in advance so make sure you are planning your trip a few months a head of time. You can also plan a private NYC tour that includes a stop at the statue.

The more you understand about the Statue of Liberty, the more you'll appreciate what you're looking at. It won't be an obligatory visit to fulfill your role as an NYC tourist and you won't be going to to say you've been. You'll be able to really appreciate what this monument signifies to America.