Eco-Friendly Boating Tips To Keep You And The Environment Happy

Are you a new boat owner who desires to use the most environmentally friendly approaches to using your water vessel and keeping it clean? Improper boat use can negatively impact marine life and cause other problems. The use of certain products for boat cleaning near water may even be illegal in some jurisdictions. The following information provides measures you can take to ensure that you can be comfortable are safe while boating.

Cleaning Products

Some household products are safe to use for boat cleaning. Using these in place of certain commercial cleaning products is ideal. Examples of some household products that can be used to make safe boat cleaners are white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, salt or lemon oil

When possible, avoid commercially bought detergent-based cleaners. Also, be mindful of using them to clean up fuel or oil spills in close vicinity to water sources. This is because of the possibility of soap running off into the water. If you do decide to use them, ensure that you do not use them to cleanse the external portion of your boat while it is still in the water. It is ideal to use commercial products that are labeled as biodegradable boat cleaning products if you are trying to clean your boat while it is still in the water. 

Oil Waste

If you opt to change your own oil, transfer the old oil into a spill-proof container using an oil change pump. Oil waste can be discarded at an appropriate oil disposal center. Some marinas accept oil waste in their hazardous waste areas. You can prevent oil from discharging from the bilge by ensuring that you keep the engine of your boat tuned and serviced. It may also be helpful to place absorbent padding under the bilge to catch a potential oil leak, and ensure that you routinely check this area for leaks.


Aim to complete chores such as dishwashing when you are on shore. If you must do this type of chore while on the water, ensure that you use a phosphate-free cleaner that is biodegradable. These measures will aid in keeping your grey water discharge to a minimum. 

Investing in boatyard services is one way to ensure that your boat is cleaned internally and externally using the safest methods available. A good time to have this performed is during haul-outs services. The trained professionals who perform haul-outs are also a good resource to use for tips on maintaining your boat between services. To learn more, contact a company like South Park Marina