Topics To Discuss When Traveling By Airport Shuttle

Riding the airport shuttle from the airport's arrival terminal to your hotel for the night provides you with a free or low-cost method of transportation. In some cases, there will only be a few travelers on the shuttle -- and sometimes, you'll be the only one other than the driver. If you're the chatty type and your driver seems to be interested in having a conversation, grab a seat up front and connect with the driver. Instead of simply making small talk about the weather, it's important to remember that the driver will often be an authority on the area you're visiting -- and you can ask some questions to maximize your enjoyment of staying in the city. Here are some ideas.

Places To Eat

It's easy to get into the habit of visiting a new city for business or on vacation and simply dining at the restaurants with which you're familiar. It's nice to forgo the chain restaurants and get out to savor the local fare, but wading through the online reviews and recommendations can be time-consuming. Instead, ask the shuttle driver if he or she has any recommendations. In many cases, the driver will be able to suggest some optimal restaurants to suit your needs, including options just a short drive or walk from your hotel.

Places To Avoid

You never want to find yourself walking through an unsavory area in the city you're visiting without being aware of it. Your shuttle driver will be able to tell you which areas are best for tourists to avoid. Drivers travel through many different parts of the city and are well-acquainted with the local issues. If there's an area that's dangerous after dark for people on foot, you can expect that your shuttle driver will warn you and explain the area's location in relation to your hotel.

Navigation Tips

If you'll be at the hotel overnight and are flying out in the morning, ask the shuttle driver for any time-related tips for traveling to the airport. If you're planning to be at the airport two hours before your domestic flight, provide the flight time and ask the driver how early you should catch the shuttle. Remember, the duration of the shuttle ride can change throughout the day due to factors such as traffic, so it's always ideal to confirm this information in advance so that you're not scrambling to get to the airport on time.

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