Planning To Tour Bucharest? Three Things That Are Very Helpful To Know Before You Go

Tours and travel in Eastern Europe and Slavic nations are not as popular as they are for Western Europe. However, you should not overlook some of these very old countries and their breathtaking opportunities to see ancient worlds colliding with modern day structures. Bucharest, in Romania, is one such city that you may want to see and tour. If you finally decide to go and are planning a Bucharest city tour, here are three things that are very helpful to know before you go.

The Dominant Languages

Like most neighboring Eastern Europe countries, several languages can be heard on the streets of Bucharest. Romanian is the dominant language, but if you speak Russian, Hungarian, or another Slavic tongue, you may pick up on the conversations in the street easily. If you do not know any of these languages, you may want to learn some beginning phrases, particularly Romanian, if you want to interact with any of the locals. (This is especially true if you want to talk to some of the older citizens, including those older than thirty or forty, since English as a second language was not required when they were young and in school.)

Political Sentiments and Sentimentality

If you are able to converse with some of the residents of Bucharest, it is a good idea to steer clear of politics, unless you are prepared for a robust conversation. The Romanian people can be very outspoken, sometimes to the point of appearing rude to outsiders, but it should not be taken negatively. You may even find their frankness refreshing, but unless you understand their political history and current politics, they may not enjoy discussing this topic with you, or you with them.

Art and Culture

If you would like to experience some very positive cultural experiences while in Bucharest, you may want to visit an art museum that features a Romanian master, Brancusi. You may also visit the Athenaeum, a performance hall that has held many show a for a little over a century. Much of this old city's architecture still abounds at its heart, so taking a walk around the city center or around the Lane of Victory is quite enticing. Your tour guides will undoubtedly point these places of interest out to you while you are taking an introductory tour by bus, as well as add some historic tales to the sights they will point out.