Two Ways You Can Find Affordable Temporary Housing As A Digital Nomad Freelancer

The life of a digital nomad is exciting and full of adventure. You get to travel and work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. As a freelancer, you also have the freedom to choose when your work day starts and ends, giving you ample chances to explore new locales.

However, the downside of living and working on the road is that you constantly have to find new housing arrangements. Staying in standard hotels for long periods of time will eat away your budget and force you to work longer hours, leaving you less time to have adventures in exciting new cities. Luckily, there are other housing options that can save you a lot of money while you're living the nomadic life.

Off-Season Vacation Home Rentals

If you're staying in a city that experiences a lot of tourism, you'll likely find that there are a multitude of vacation home rental options available. Vacation homes are generally much more luxurious and private than hotels, so you'll be able to focus and get more work done while you're staying there.

Additionally, vacation homes are rented for extended periods of time, whereas hotels are often only rented out for a couple of nights at a time. Because of that, hotels generally charge a premium per-night rental fee, making them more expensive than a much nicer vacation home.

If you really want to find good deals on vacation homes, wait until the off-season to travel to tourist cities. A lot of families only have the luxury of vacationing in the summer, so there will be more competition for renting a vacation home from May to September. Since you have the freedom of being a digital nomad, you can save even more money by staying in tourism destinations during the fall and winter. That way there will be an abundance of vacation homes available at a discounted rate.

Sublets in College Towns

Half the fun of being a digital nomad is having the freedom to travel to a new city any time you please. Signing a year-long lease for an apartment takes away that freedom. However, you can still enjoy the comfort of having your own apartment by finding a short-term sublet.

When a tenant is stuck in a lease but won't be living in their apartment for an extended period of time, they often sublet the apartment out to cover their monthly rent. One of the best ways to find short-term sublets is by searching neighborhoods close to college campuses. A lot of co-op students have to move to a different city for a single semester in order to finish their degrees. Many of those students will sublet their apartments for a few months so they're not stuck paying for an empty place.

Additionally, college towns are often some of the most exciting areas of a city. Since the population mostly consists of young people, neighborhoods that border campuses often have an abundance of restaurants, night life, and shopping centers. Furthermore, college students tend to love coffee, so it won't be hard to find a Wi-Fi cafe to use as your temporary freelance office.

Sublets and vacation homes both offer much more space and privacy than most traditional hotels. With a bit of research and planning, you can also find sublets and vacation homes for a lot less money than renting a hotel on a nightly basis. That means you'll spend less time freelancing to pay your rent and more time enjoying the nomadic life.