3 Tips For Saving Money When Renting A Limo For Prom

If you are excitedly preparing for your high school prom, you might be looking forward to renting a limo for the night to make things extra special. However, if you are on a budget, you might be worried about how much you'll have to spend on your limo rental. Luckily, following these simple tips can help you save money on a limo rental for this special occasion.

1. Split with Friends

Even though you might be excited about spending most of the night with your date, you should know that you can save quite a bit of money by splitting things with your friends, too. Consider getting together with a few other couples to split the cost of the limo. You can save even more if you all agree to meet up at one location -- such as one person's house -- rather than having the limo driver pick each couple up individually.

2. Rent the Smallest Limo You Can

Don't just rent the biggest limo that is available. Instead, determine how many people will be in your group, and rent the smallest limo that you can. Many limo companies have limos of varying sizes, and the ones that are bigger and that can hold more people are often more expensive. Choosing a smaller limo can make for a more intimate experience with the entire group and can help you save money while still being perfectly luxurious.

3. Book in Advance

You will probably be planning for prom for months, so there is no reason to wait when hiring a limo rental. Many limo rental companies get booked up well in advance and might charge higher rates for last-minute reservations, if you are able to get a last-minute reservation on a busy prom night at all. As soon as you know when your prom will be and how many people will be in your group, go ahead and call the limo rental company. You may need to provide the company with a deposit or with a parent's credit card information to hold the limousine for you, but doing so well in advance can save you money and can also help reduce stress.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can save money when renting a limo for prom. Give these three tips a try, and you can ride in style and luxury on your prom night without spending too much money.