Want To Go On Vacation With Your Gal Pals? Consider These Two Ideas

There are plenty of vacation destinations for couples and families, but what about best friends? If you and your best gal pals want to take a getaway together, there are plenty of trips you can take that don't involve romantic interludes or carnival rides. Here are two ideas for a vacation you and your sisters-in-spirit can take together and some tips on what to ask when planning them.

Let Your Inner Artist Out to Play

One way to take a vacation that's physically relaxing but mentally stimulating is to focus your vacation around learning a new skill. Even if you've never picked up a brush before, there are workshops that are designed to help you find the artist hidden inside. There are plenty of vacation packages available, but you want to make sure that you pick the one that's right for you and your friends:

  • Unless your group is pretty studious, don't pick a package that involves a lot of watching. Ask your vacation planner to put together a trip that will give you hands-on experience, rather than one that involves watching a master painter at work.
  • If you and your friends thrive on laughter, look for a studio that encourages conversation and keeps the wine flowing while you work.
  • Ask if there's only one artist teaching or multiple artists. Will the students have a chance to interact with the instructors? If not you may find yourself disappointed with the lack of hands-on instruction.

Also, make sure that when you're planning the trip that you ask about the supplies—the last thing you want is to get to your destination and find out that you still need to pay a few hundred dollars more for paint and canvases.

Plan A Retreat Around Yoga and Meditation

If you and your best friends are feeling the stress of daily life lately, consider looking for a "yoga and meditation" vacation. There are plenty of vacation options available, from mountain encampments to seaside retreats. The hardest part is making sure that you find a retreat that suits your style:

  • Make sure that you pick a destination that's suited to your level of skill. If you're barely aware of how to hold a half-lotus position, you want a retreat that's going to focus on the basics, like breathing and posture—not one that's going to expect you to know your poses in advance.
  • Ask about the food. A lot of yoga retreats offer vegan and vegetarian fare, which is fantastic if that's what you prefer—but it isn't for everyone. Ask what kind of menu is available so you aren't disappointed if you want to finish off your evening meditation with a slice of cheesecake.

Find out what type of clothing you'll need. Some retreats basically allow guests to spend their entire time in leotards, while others expect dressier clothing at dinner time. You don't want to pack a bunch of things you don't need, but you also don't want to show up without an ensemble you can toss together for the dining room at night.

For more ideas on how to plan a trip that doesn't center around romance or family, talk to a vacation planner in your area to see what might interest you.